Payroll services

Payroll begins with recording your employees time and QuickBooks has this option as well.There are also several software apps that can help your staff to login as remote workers or work at a job site. It can log in where your employees are when they log in to see if they actually arrived at the job site or shows on a map how long they went offsite. Time can be reviewed and approved for the payroll. 

We highly recommend using QuickBooks payroll to run payroll for your small business. However if you prefer us to handle payroll for you, then we can provide this service.  Then when we are finished, we can send you an import file so that you will be able to keep your QuickBooks up to date. For some of our clients, we also find that they have payroll issues that go beyond what QuickBooks can handle.  In this case, we will often recommend PayDirt software.

Payroll Software

Ask us about other Payroll software that  handles most of the complicated payroll issues we have seen. It does our client's job costing very well, including the overhead costs. It can automatically create an import file for QuickBooks, Simply and MYOB. In QuickBooks you only have to choose File, Utilities, Import and point to the file. We prepare the payroll and send it to our clients encrypted with a password. You can choose to purchase your own copy of this software to prepare payroll in house, or we can provide payroll services to you.​