Cheques printed here in Victoria, BC

We can order custom cheques for your business through a local printer in Victoria, BC 

Cheques with security features

  • WARNING BAND- Notifies document handlers that security  features are present
  • WATERMARK- Distinctive pattern in the paper. Hold up to a light source to view 
  • INVISIBLE FIBRES- Coloured fibres in the paper only visible under a black light 
  • MICROLINE PRINTING- Tiny type in a border or line that cant be read if scanned or copied 
  • CHEMICAL REACTANTS- An attempt to chemically alter this document will activate a chemical reaction that appears as a stain in the paper 
  • TONER ADHESION- A coating that bonds dry toner image to the paper fibres, making alteration by scraping or tape very difficult without showing fibre tear of the paper 

Why use printed cheques for QuickBooks

It is surprising how many people still are using hand written cheques, and do not realize how much extra time it takes to hand write the cheque, then make up an envelope.

With computer cheques,you will automatically get a cheque stub as verification of the cheque that was sent. And you will save the time of printing an envelope, because you can simple place the cheque into a cheque size window envelope and it will be ready for mailing.