How a Certified PROFESSIONAL Bookkeeper helps your business

Help you get accurate financial statements and tax returns

A CPB is trained to record your year end adjustments and prepare your adjusted trail balance -the last step before the financial statements and tax return are prepared. Your financial statements and tax returns are only as good as the company books that you give to your Accountant.

What this means to your company

You base important decisions on accurate financial data. You avoid problems with CRA or filing amended returns because your Accountant was given inaccurate books.

You can give your bank, investors or other interested parties accurate financial data.

Find and correct any accounting errors in your company`s books

A CPB can find and correct errors in your books, trial balance and bank statements.You have a bookkeeper who can correctly perform your monthly bank reconciliation.

Accurate financial information

You avoid costly delays filing your tax return because your books have to be redone. You keep track of cash on a timely basis.

You make sure that you catch errors on your bank statements- and errors in your ledger cash account - before they cost your money.

You can get accurate financial information about your company any time you need it.  

Prepare your company`s payroll

A CPB can help you to complete and file key federal forms; avoid misclassifying employees as independent contractors; save on overtime pay by knowing what paid time to include - or not to include- in overtime calculations; and keep an eye on your schedule payroll service (if you use one)

Avoid late filing penalties & interest

You avoid CRA penalties- or even worse,endless CRA correspondence. You help reduce the chance of a costly wage - and - hour audit. You avoid late- filing penalties and interest 

About Us

Wendy Willis, CPB

Wendy does bookkeeping, consulting training and seminars in QuickBook. She has also been certifies in Simply Accounting, MYOB and several others.


Wendy has operated this business since 1996. The business was incorporated in 1999. We has helped over 700 clients with their QuickBooks and bookkeeping. Wendy does accounting, bookkeeping, and small business consulting including year end preparation. However we do not do year end tax returns. We recommend that you hire a CPA or CGA to do the year end tax return and tax planning, since that is their specialty. Wendy also sells software and does setup, installation and training for new businesses, and does conversion for those switching software or trying to link to their specialty third party software or point of sale software. Type your paragraph here 


We have a Senior Bookkeeper who has a Masters in Statistical Analysis and she is doing the CPA Program, and another bookkeeper who is is doing his 4th year accounting and several other bookkeepers who handle data entry, reconciling, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable